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Why having a sugar daddy might be perfect for your lifestyle…

Why Finding a Sugar Daddy Makes More Sense Now More than Ever: A lot of women go through life searching for the one the perfect man who will sweep them off their feet and live with them happily ever after.  Alas, real life isnít a string of fairy tales, nor is it like those romantic tales in the movies.  Admit it or not, youíve had your share of jerks, scrubs and bastards who, in the long run (or in some instances, ASAP), break your heart.  This distorted idea of the perfect man a lot of times veers you from a segment of men in our society that may actually be your passport to a lifetime of happiness. Have you ever considered dating a guy with a sugar daddy lifestyle?

You might think, arenít sugar daddies only dirty old men who want to score younger chicks?  That perception is thoroughly wrong.  There comes a point in a man’s life where he has finally attained the lifestyle maturity levels of women his age. Let’s be realistic, men usually have to play catch up when it comes to the idea of maturity.  If you’re a 20-something, you will realize how immature men your age are, still wanting to get drunk with the guys every weekend, watching the game, and eyeing women fresh out of college – I don’t want that kind of a lifestyle.  Let’s not even talk about the job situation, where men your age seem to have a hard time holding on a job, in this economy at that – I have a lifestyle to maintain and I want to keep it.

When men finally achieve the mental and financial maturity befitting their age, women in their age bracket want to be more nurturing.  No wonder there are cougars, or older women attracted to younger and carefree men who are not in the sugar daddy lifestyle.

Thus, you get your free rein in the sugar daddie market.

Sugar daddy dating isnít as difficult or hush-hush as it used to be.  Sugar babies looking for a sugardaddy now have the web, with sites such as like this to help them in their quest.  Sugardaddies are present in country clubs, golf courses, bars and other more affluent places.  You may have very little luck looking for a sugar daddy in a fast food joint or the supermarket, so you’d need to know where to look.

Side note: Also, as a like I mentioned in yesterday’s post -  another mobile app, just came out for sugar daddys.

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  1. Cosima
    December 31st, 2011 at 10:03 | #1

    As a woman in her 40′s, I always encouraged my young friends to go the sugar baby route. Falling in love is overrated and too many women are programmed to think that life will be like the romance chick-flick movies. Yes, most women will end up with bastards who break their hearts or get them pregnant and leave them broke & alone.

    Everything in this life has a price. A man will be the best woman he can afford whether he is rich or poor. A poor or working-class man is usually looking for women who will pay most of the bills and put out on demand. Once he is tired of her, the woman is usually left with nothing but a screaming kid and too many bills to pay. Her bloom has long since faded so chance of a better man is not promising.

    Either marry well or get a sugar daddy. Get the life you want for yourself. Do not let anyone try to tell you that this is prostitution. We all prostitute ourselves on jobs for too little money and too much work. The lady who wrote this article is smart to want a lifestyle rather than a “boyfriend” who does the things of being drunk on weekends, checking out college girls, and being a general jerk.

    Most of my life, I have had sugar daddies and it is the only way to go. Anytime I opted for conventional relationships, I wound up almost penniless or broken hearted. Even at my age, it is not hard to find a sugar daddy. I have to choose from older ones now but the gig is still great. I am discreet and available: two things a sugar daddy needs.

    Good luck, ladies.

  2. July 6th, 2012 at 16:25 | #2

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